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One Term Bush, II?

Los Angeles, 02/16/04

It looks more and more like Bush is going to lose the election. He continues to alienate his right wing supporters by pushing through every hare-brained socialist scheme that he can think of, while being ineffective against Al Qaida. The right wing may sit on its hands, and given the closeness of the last election and without Nader to siphon off a big part of the Democrat vote, Bush may be doomed. What I hear is that the right may feel more comfortable with an arrangement where Congress is fighting tooth and nail against the schemes of a Democrat President to keep the left wing agenda from going further.

I always have had the weird idea that the reason that one supported a Republican President and a Republican majority in both houses of Congress was so that the socialist agenda could be stopped in its tracks and turned back. I was not expecting that such an arrangement of Republican control would allow the socialist agenda to be pushed through without so much as a whimper.

The only place where the Bush had a clear shot at stopping the inexorable march to serfdom for the masses was by appointing strict constructionist judges. This effort has been effectively stopped by the Democrat THREAT of filibuster which has effectively required the 2/3 super-majority to get judges confirmed.

Even there, however, the socialists are winning. Sandra Day O'Connor was supposed to be a conservative beacon in the socialist fog that has enshrouded Washington. Her flip-flopping to the left wing ideas has threatened the Reagan advances in eliminating the left wing activists, and appointing strict constructionist judges.

Bush is caving on global warming.  This is his final gambit to make everybody like him.  His Dad failed, but the younger George is trying SO hard to succeed where his father failed. The fact remains.  There seems to be evidence that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing.  The debate is whether this will bring warming or cooling.  Will it be beneficial or detrimental to mankind?  Finally, with man's activity accounting for less than 2% of the earth's carbon cycle, how can man do anything to reverse it?

Bush caved on taxes when he signed $1.2 billion instead of the original 1.6 that he said was his last and best offer to the Democrats.

Bush caved on the education bill, and Kennedy smiled, grinning from ear to ear.

Bush caved on the farm bill.  This means higher costs of about four  grand for every family in America.  Between the tariffs on incoming products (sugar, bananas) and subsidies on the out going ones, we are in trouble.

Bush caved on steel subsidies and tariff protection.  This means another $300 a year in higher prices for every American. Fortunately the Europeans forced this out.

Bush caved on closing the borders, and he wants to have more amnesty for illegal aliens.  This entails setting up another bureaucracy when the INS can't handle the LEGAL applicants.

Bush caved to liberals by keeping Manetta in DOT.  We can be assured that now a knitting needle toting grandma has an equal chance of being strip-searched with an unemployed, cash-paying, one-way-flying, visa-over-staying 20-something Saudi Arab.  And PILOTS can't carry firearms (this was overruled when saner heads prevailed).

Bush caved in on Israel's police action after the kamikaze bombings.

Bush caved on meeting with Arafatso.  Bush shored up this lying, two-faced scum of a human being.

Bush caved on meeting with the Saudi King whose mosques and news media spew anti-American hate at every turn.

Bush caved in on the "Patriot Bill" with its federalizing of the shoe-clerks who handle airport security checks.  Now it's safe to fly?

The CIA and FBI still can't talk to each other.  They had plenty of information.  Witness the fact that within hours, our spooks told us who the 9/11 bad guys were, where they were from, what they had been doing, and how they had done it). What our domestic spies needed was the communication and analysis.

Bush has committed us to go to Mars at a time when we can scarcely afford our cars, while condemning the greatest scientific instrument in history (the Hubble Space Telescope) to death because of reluctance to either update or replace the space shuttle.

Bush wants us to move fully into a hydrogen economy, but he forgets that all that hydrogen has to be electrolyzed from water by power plants.

And Ken Lay continues to be a free man, albeit some of his henchmen have made a perpwalk in handcuffs.

The campaign pledge of the Democrats for prescription drugs as a part of Medicare was doubled and redoubled in spades by Bush, just as he promised during the campaign.  I have yet to figure out how drugs will be cheaper to Americans when the 27% percent governmental overhead is added to the cost.

The last straw is that John Kerry (Bush's probable opponent) has been more forceful than Bush in opposing homosexual marriage.

I guess we need only wait for America to collapse under the socialist burden. I hope it is the Kingdom of God that will take its place. If not, woe for the world!

--Jay Preston


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